Why Startup Founders Should Work With A Coach

Startup founders have to fight fires on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs have mental stresses beyond almost any other group of people. Starting a company isn’t easy and most businesses fail.

Elon Musk, one of the most well-known startup founders, has said “Being an entrepreneur is like eating  glass  and staring into the abyss of death.” If one of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs thinks this way, you can only imagine how the average founder feels.

There are five ways a coach can increase your chances of success as a startup founder:

  1. Improve Your Founders Mindset
  2. Optimize Your Performance
  3. Receive Unbiased Critical Feedback
  4. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
  5. Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Founder Coaching Session

Improve Your Founders Mindset

A startup company is only as strong as the mindset of the person who’s founding it. If the founder’s mindset is weak, then fear and doubt will creep in — which are startup killers. A coach can work with the founder to overcome these mental roadblocks and get on the highway to success.

All the problems of starting a company can weigh on a founder’s emotions. Working with a coach can uncover and release these emotions to become a more balanced person.

If the mindset of the founder is strong, the company has the best chance for survival and growth.

Optimize Your Performance

Starting a company relies heavily on optimizing performance and output from the entrepreneur. Working with a coach can help uncover the chinks in your entrepreneurial armor and prepare you for battle.

A coach can break down your performance and tell you how to optimize in order to perform at your highest level.

Receive Unbiased Critical Feedback

When you start a company, you need constant critical feedback in order to perform. If you don’t know about a mistake or problem, then it’s like having blinders on. The problem will fester and grow until it becomes too big that it’s impossible to solve.

A coach can provide critical feedback to remove those blinders and help you see clearly. With an unrestricted view of the path ahead, a founder can charge forward with confidence, and take a startup through the tough early stages.

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Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Almost every influential person had a coach or mentor. From the ancient philosophers Aristotle and Socrates to the modern entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs — they always depended on someone for advice or help during their startup days.

Isaac Newton said we should “stand on the shoulders of giants” so we can see further ahead. By using a startup coach, a founder can stand on his shoulders and see into the distant future to uncover any problems that might come up and solve them before they happen.

When you run into the unavoidable challenges of starting a company, a coach can help you face these and overcome them. By getting the extra support, you’ll be stronger and more prepared to weather the storms ahead.

Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable when you start a company, so it’s better to prepare for them before you begin. As Warren Buffett said “It’s good to  learn  from your  mistakes. It’s better to  learn from other  people’s  mistakes.”

The investing billionaire is sharing an important lesson. Instead of making all your own mistakes and learning gradually, learn from other peoples mistakes so you don’t make them yourself.

A startup coach will know the mistakes that are coming, as they have helped other founders start their companies and they’ll use this knowledge to prepare you for the challenges of starting a company.

These are just a few of the reasons a startup coach can help you become the best version of yourself as you begin a new company.


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